Our Collaborators

We all have different needs and desires.

Here are some of the people helping to get these different points of

view out in the world through their writing, discussion and artistry.

Sophie Bird

Sophie is well on her mission to find as many ways of Feeling Good as possible and hope’s you’ll get stuck in and join her! She wants to encourage conversations and greater education about sexual wellbeing, consent, pleasure with the inclusion of diverse and LGBTQ+ narratives.

Emily King

Emily King is an Irish postgraduate student living in Edinburgh and the owner of the sex positive blog How to Arouse a Feminist. The blog was created as an extension of the research she conducted for her university dissertation, which examines female authored erotica.

Join Our Community

We're always looking to collaborate with people with different points of view on sex, relationships and anything in between. If you'd like to work with us, drop us a line.