Review: Doxy Die Cast

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Doxy Die Cast Wand Massager (ungifted)


Doxy – Noun – Mistress or Floozy

Doxy Wand – Noun – Intense and Pleasurable Bringer of Orgasms

Does the internet need another review of a wand? No. Am I going to give you one? Absolutely. Wands deserve all the noise they can get. And this one had me screaming.




The Doxy plugs into the wall and therefore has heaps of power. This model delivers 3000 to 9000 RPM so the vibrations are intense. It starts off slow (and quiet) and gently builds up. As a vibe I can go up to setting 3 and still reach orgasm, but any higher and the vibrations are a struggle for me. Settings 4 and 5 are fun if it’s some sort of quick “punishment” play, but otherwise I reserve the higher settings for muscle massage and oh my, does it feel good. This toy is a generous one!


Pleasure - Just how intense is the Doxy?


The intensity of vibrations and width of the head makes for the consistency we like for a quick-to-the-point wank: you can be done in about a minute.  At setting 1, you can have a prolonged and easy orgasm – and it’s quiet enough to not attract attention! The higher you go, the quicker and more intense the orgasms. (Warning: And louder - you might wake the neighbours). The Doxy is incredible in longer sessions, flicking between settings for elongated play – or maybe even edging. It also means that you can allow the weight of the toy to do the work, or apply gentle pressure, and easily continue while you cum to really push you over the edge.


The Doxy is amazing for partnered play. It’s easy to use and fun to play with. For me, part of the excitement of this toy is the exhibition of it. Getting creative with positions, restraints, and sense play (if they’re part of your play) is verry sexy. The lower settings are a tantalising tease across the skin, and it’s an exciting toy to allow your partner to have control over. My male partners have all reported enjoying using it on me and have also been positive about the secondary vibrations. Just make sure, if this wand is in someone else’s hand, what settings, pressure and positioning you are happy with. It can seem a little dangerous at first, so it’s worth showing them the levels first.


Use - Is the Doxy worth it?


The arm of the wand is a good length,so that you can easily reach from many angles. It’s great in partnered play since either person can manipulate the toy from most positions. It’s not great for intimate skin-to-skin positions, however, purely because its size means that it gets in the way. It is great, however, for Doggy, Butterfly... the list goes on! The opportunity for multiple orgasms is plentiful...


However, for anyone whose hands are less mobile, this toy will be a struggle to hold. It is, however, large enough and fun enough to tie the shaft to your thigh and then just have to control the buttons. But if you need something more manageable, then try our lighter vibrators!




I am a sucker for a sleek design, and this is no different. The deep purple colour is sexy without being in your face, and the easy to feel and press buttons glow blue when turned on. If you’re not in a position to see them, then the on, – and + buttons are easily detectable against a fingertip. The silicone head is medical grade and about the size of a fist. Its wide, slightly curved tip makes it great for gentle pressure as well as slightly harder application. Finally, with a 10-foot cable, this has reach – built for easy use and movement. Finally, it is easy to clean after use with a mild soap and a soft cloth… or mid use, if there are multiple players! (Do not submerge electric toys in water.) The silicone had can be gently pulled off from the mainframe and run through thhe dishwasher/boiled for 15 minutes for a deeper clean.




Use plenty of lube! Keep your clitoris nice and slippery for full enjoyment and better orgasms - fast moving silicone can be unpleasent otherwise!


Run the Doxy over your body and see where you enjoy being touched... explore your erogenous zones, and your partners'. The vibration is so deep that you might find new places which make you gasp.

The Doxy Wand was purchased by Sophie. This is not a gifted review.

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