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Welcome to The Selection Box - an exciting new way to push your sex life to new levels. We deliver curated toys and surprise-filled selection boxes full of toys and ideas for you to enjoy alone or with your partner. We know that everyone is different. Different tastes, different likes, different fantasies. But one thing's for certain, we all like a good play and we should all enjoy healthy sex lives.

It's time to own your moan.

And it's time to explore

It's all too easy to stick to what you know. To stay in missionary, rather than trying something new. But what if you ventured beyond the everyday? 

That's why we created The Selection Box. To help you find those boundary-pushing, mind-blowing, heart-pumping, sheet-soaking experiences. In the bedroom, or outside of it. 

And since the best experiences happen when you least expect them, we 
deliver new surprising products, ideas and experiences to you every 3 months.

How it works

Got something specific in mind? Browse our collection of sex-toys - all rated 'holy f**k out of 10' by our community of friends and contributors. 

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The rest is up to you.